We help musicians Make Sure They're Performing at their Best

We provide an array of evidence-based health and wellbeing services for the global music industry. 

Designed to keep musicians performing at their best, Elevate Music provides crisis-prevention tools and peak performance management for musicians of all career levels.

Lucy Heyman, CEO, Elevate Music

A much-needed crisis-prevention model for the music industry

“Studies have shown that pop musicians feel unsupported in their careers with health and wellbeing issues, so our evidence-based tools look at the key topics that research tells us they need most help with. 

Our services are initiating a much-needed crisis-prevention model within the industry to try and stop preventable issues from impacting on musicians’ health in the future.”

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Our services range from coaching, consultancy and project creation to bespoke artist health and wellbeing programmes, all of which are informed by scientific research in this area. 

We have worked with everyone from Universal Music to the PRS and our expertise and research has been used to inform offerings from top industry charities including Help Musicians, BAPAM, Music Support and more.

Award-winning content company Wisebuddah, evidence-based health and wellbeing service Elevate Music and leading music charity Help Musicians UK are launching a new podcast to support musicians in their careers.

The Elevate Music Podcast aims to educate and inform musicians about the common wellbeing and health issues they may face, equipping them with the tools they need to manage and prevent problems when developing their careers.

Launching in July, The Elevate Music Podcast focuses on a range of different themes across 15 episodes including mental and vocal health, hearing problems, stage fright, drugs and alcohol, creativity on demand; social media; the challenge of touring; stress and coping, and many more.

Each episode will focus on a guest artist, as well as featuring other artists and the voices of relevant experts.

Resources and links will be listed in the notes below the podcast, and it will be backed up with a website listing further information and where to go for support.

It aims to become a timeless resource that musicians can access whenever they need help.


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